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Slide out shelves are a desired accessory to most kitchen and pantry cabinets. Our slide out shelves are custom made to fit your current cabinet openings, you do not have to settle for a 15 inch wide pull out shelf to install in a 21 inch opening. Our shelves roll out with ease on standard epoxy or optional ball bearing full extension drawer slides. If you want a more custom look to your pull out shelves consider having the sidewalls coated with a furniture grade uv finish that will withstand most spills and easy to clean.

Installing a pull out shelf that slides is easier than you may think. We have had women and men with no carpentry skills write to us and say how easy it was to install their new pull out shelves. We have provided a detailed measuring and installation guide on our site to make ordering and installing your pull out shelves easier.

All of our wood pull out shelves can be ordered with either a white or maple look bottom, this 1/4″ mdf core bottom is stronger than most 1/2″ melamine particleboard bottoms found in kitchen cabinetry today.

Pull out shelves will add convenience to your kitchen organization and allow easier access to everything by allowing it to roll out on shelves.

We also carry a full line of chrome wire pull out shelves, spice racks, pull out kitchen organizers, knife blocks, utensil drawer inserts, pull out trash and recycle systems and lazy Susan’s

Take a look at our picture gallery located in the gallery section to see cabinets that have our pull out shelves installed in them

Pull out shelves can be installed in less than five minutes per shelf in most cabinets. Do it yourself and save.

Our sliding shelves are constructed from quality material with every day use in mind

Pantry cabinets, Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets can all have pull out shelves installed

Make your life easier with cabinet pull out shelves that slide out with ease.

With just a screwdriver our slide out shelves can be installed by the homeowner.


Motor homes / RV’s can have cabinet pull out trays with locking slides that have an integrated spring catch that helps pull a drawer or slide out/pull out shelf shut and keep it closed while a vehicle is traveling or parked on an incline. Available in 16-22″ depths. Full extension ball bearing slides. Can be bottom mounted with our 4 L bracket set or side mounted with either our euro spacers or by building out the sidewall.

Installing pull out shelves/trays in your cabinets is one home improvement that can add value to your home but convenience also. The cost of installing pull out shelves in your kitchen or pantry cabinets is less than the cost of most any improvement that you can do in your home.

Some questions that we have been asked about installing pull out shelves

  1. Don’t I loose storage space by installing pull out shelves?
  2. You will loose some storage space but normally will pick that space up by either being able to arrange your cabinet pull out shelf properly or in some cabinets with 1/2 shelves you will add additional storage by installing a full depth pull out shelf in that area
  3. I have cast iron skillets and pans, will the pull out shelves be able to handle them?
  4. The typical 7 qt cast iron dutch oven will weigh between 25-30 lbs, square skillet 14lbs., 3 pc skillet set 14 lbs. So if your put all five pieces on one pull out shelf the total weight would be approximately 58 lbs. The slides are rated at 100 lbs, so you would be half way to the pull out shelves weight capacity. Care should always be taken when loading heavy items on anything.
  5. I have a large mixer, will a cabinet slide out tray be able to hold it?
  6. According to KitchenAid®, the model k45sswh weighs 22 lbs, so your pull out shelf can hold it.
  7. My cabinet has two doors with a board between them in the front, can I remove this board to install a wider pull out shelf?
  8. This is always an area of debate. Some people have done this without any problems. Although, we do not encourage it. What you are describing is a traditional face frame cabinet with a stile in the middle that covers the gap when the two doors are closed. When you removing this stile, you are weakening the face frame of the cabinet. Every stile and rail on a face frame cabinet does two things, allows openings for doors and drawers and adds rigidity to the cabinet. Whenever you remove any of these items the structure is changed. Another problem with doing this is the attachment of the remove board or stile. Most people will screw it to the left door so that it still serves the purpose of filling the gap between the doors. What we have found is that after a couple years this board come loose because the homeowner is used to opening and closing on door at a time and this board will always take the stress.  We do not recommend cutting the center stile to install pull out shelves under any circumstance when there is a granite countertop involved.
  9. I have looked at your installing and measuring guides but I am not sure I can install pull out shelves in the middle section of my cabinet, how do I get more information?
  10. This is a frequently asked question. If you are able to send us a picture of your cabinet, we can help to clarify the measuring or installation for pull out shelves in your cabinets?
  11. I want to install two slide out shelves in my kitchen cabinet but I do not have a shelf in the middle, how can I install a slide out shelf in that area?
  12. The simplest answer would be with rear sockets. The other way would be to simply side mount the pull out shelf.
  13. Do you have any pictures of what your pull out shelves look like in actual kitchens?
  14. See our picture gallery , you will find many pictures of our pull out shelves installed in kitchen base and pantry cabinets. Some we have taken ourselves and some are our customers kitchens. We are always delighted when customers send us before and after pictures.

When you receive and install your new pull out shelves we would love to hear any comments that you have about our product. It helps us in quality control and a lot of our customers have inventive ways of installing and using or slide out shelves

The baltic birch pull out shelves are manufactured by slideoutshelvesllc.com. all other products are produced by other suppliers and are governed by their respective warranties.

When we started slideoutshelvesllc.com, our mission statement was to produce a consistent, high quality pull out shelf for organizing our clients kitchens. We have since looked at other ways to make our customers life’s easier and have added many kitchen cabinet pull out accessories. We are constantly looking for new quality products that we can offer the customer at value pricing. If there is something in particular that you are looking for in a pull out and we do not have it listed, contact us and we will try to find it.

All of our pull out shelves come completely assembled to the consumer. We do not produce a kit that has to be cut and glued once you receive it. We feel that if the consumer has the time and skill to construct pull out shelves from a kit, why wouldn’t they just cut the wood themselves? Most pull out shelves kits that we have found are priced  above our fully assembled pull out shelves, and you do not have to worry about cutting the board too short and ordering another pull out shelving kit.

If you are looking for consistent quality pull out shelves for your kitchen cabinets or pantry cabinets, the pull out shelf company that you can depend on is Slideoutshelvesllc.com.

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